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Funeral Zone follows Australia blog launch with new US website

Just weeks after announcing the launch of its Australian blog, Funeral Guide has unveiled a new website which will support the bereaved in the United States.

Now, whether they are located in Australia, the US, the UK, or South Africa, visitors to Funeral Guide can search for a local funeral director and read reviews from families who have used their services.

Funeral Guide is a point-of-need resource, offering practical guidance when someone dies. It also provides help for those anticipating a bereavement, as well as ongoing support for those grieving and still adjusting to life without a loved one.

Just as its Australian visitors can do, people in the US will also be able to browse the website’s Help & Resources and blog pages, which provide practical information and details of local resources they can access, as well as news and features with a focus on bereavement.

The new platform for America,, has gone live just weeks after Funeral Guide’s successful blog launch here in Australia, which followed a $1.6 million investment from outside backers in October 2016.

Launched to help the bereaved through difficult times, Funeral Guide’s founders Ed Gallois and Kevin Homeyard are confident that, just like, the US website will provide vital support and signpost locally-available resources to people, at a time when they need it most.

Ed said: “We are very proud to announce the launch of

“We’ve had some amazing feedback since we launched the blog in Australia in December, with our relationships with funeral profession colleagues going from strength to strength. We’re humbled we will now be helping the bereaved in the US, as we continue to work with funeral directors who identify with our mission and share our values.

“The practicalities involved when someone dies, from arranging the funeral to notifying authorities and finalising accounts, come at a difficult and confusing time for the bereaved. “It’s always been our aim to make things more straightforward to understand and follow, while also helping the bereaved as they grieve – however long their journey is.”

You can keep up to date with Funeral Guide’s latest blog posts on Twitter and join its community of followers on Facebook.

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