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Annie Broadbent and her book, We Need to Talk About Grief

Funeral Guide is launching an advice column to help the bereaved. Psychologist Annie Broadbent will be answering your questions and supporting people who have lost a loved one.

Annie is the author of best-selling self-help book, We Need to Talk About Grief (How to Be a Friend to the One Who’s Left Behind), which was inspired by her own bereavement following the death of her mother, Caroline.

Her new column, Dear Annie, will provide support for anyone who has lost a loved one, or is anticipating a bereavement, no matter how recent or long ago their loss.

Annie said: “I hope my advice column will give the bereaved, and the friends and family who want to support them, a sense they’re not alone.”

“Grief is an ongoing process, which can be hard for people to fathom,” she explained.

“I do believe it’s possible for people to understand another person’s grief and what they are going through. But that doesn’t mean it will be exactly the same for them as it is for you.”

Ed Gallois, co-founder of Funeral Guide, said that Annie’s advice column was another way for Funeral Guide to fulfil its mission to help the bereaved.

He said: “We’re delighted to be launching Dear Annie and think it will be a real support not only to the bereaved, but the family and friends who care about them and their loss. Whether people write in, or simply share her column with family and friends when her advice strikes a chord, as Annie rightly says, we need to talk about grief.”

Whether you are searching for ways to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, or still trying to make sense of your feelings or anxieties, Annie will be here to help and you can write to her now for advice by emailing

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