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How can funeral directors make the most of online reviews?

How can funeral directors in Australia make the most of online reviews?

Almost 70% of satisfied customers are now happy to write a positive online review about their experience, a new study has revealed. Consumers say that if asked, they are more than willing to provide feedback about the quality businesses who look after them. This shows what a great opportunity funeral directors in Australia now have to showcase their excellent customer service and to share the recommendations it generates.

Why are reviews so important?

Like the US and Europe, reviews have rapidly become a fundamental part of people’s shopping behaviour throughout Australia and consumers now view online reviews almost every time they search online. Google Australia for example, now shows its own reviews alongside ratings from other review sites.

Screenshot of Funeral Guide reviews appearing in Google's reviews from the web

This is important as most Australian consumers like to read reviews from different websites, especially when making larger purchases. The new findings also showed that 59% of consumers look at two or three review sites before making a purchase. Given that a funeral is one of the biggest financial considerations made by a family, it’s clear that reviews are a key part of their decision making process.

Google shows ‘star ratings’ next to many of its search results. These ratings are a quick and easy way to establish how trustworthy a business is and are often one of the first things someone will see when searching online.

Screenshot of Funeral Guide star ratings appearing next to Google listings

The survey found that more than half of all consumers place greatest weight on a business, product or service’s overall star rating. Their second most important influence is the “sentiment” of the reviews, while 41% of people said that they also factored in how recently the review had been written and posted.

“Reviews have been a big success story for our funeral director partners in Australia with many of them generating excellent reviews on a regular basis. This is testament to the great service that many funeral directors provide to families across Australia in their time of need”.
Gary Moyle, Head of Marketing at Funeral Guide

People are now trusting online reviews more than ever

Reviews are a great way of generating more business. According to the study, 68% of people say positive customer reviews make them more likely to use a local business. Crucially, people are trusting online reviews more than ever, with 83% of people saying they now trust them as much as a personal recommendation.

Historically, families have chosen funeral services based on personal recommendations, but it looks like online reviews are set to be a growing source of ‘at need’ enquiries.

The study found that after reading positive reviews, 54% of consumers will visit the business’s website, while 19% will visit its premises directly and 17% will search for additional reviews about the company.

So it’s clear that reviews are here to stay and funeral directors in Australia have a great opportunity to generate more ‘at need’ enquiries. By actively encouraging reviews of their services, they will not only be rewarded, but also make sure they don’t lose out to competitors.

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