Guide to Funeral Directors in Sydney

The state capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the largest city in Australia, with almost five million people living within the metropolitan area. There are over 50 funeral directors in Sydney serving this large and diverse city.

Thanks to a remarkably multicultural population, funeral directors in Sydney are likely to be experienced offering services in accordance with a variety of religious beliefs and cultures. Thirty four per cent of residents were born overseas and over 250 different languages are spoken across the city. Of these different cultural groups and immigrant communities, the largest are Chinese, English, New Zealand, Indian and Vietnamese.

Sydney is also home to over 50,000 indigenous Australians, many of whom follow various different Aboriginal spiritual beliefs. Some funeral directors in Sydney may have experience providing funeral services for indigenous people. Be sure to ask if they can meet your religious or spiritual needs.

As for other religious beliefs within the city, the most recent census shows that the majority of Sydney residents (28 per cent) identify as Catholic. Roughly 15 per cent of residents are Anglican and five per cent Eastern Orthodox. There are also significant Muslim and Buddhist populations, representing around five per cent each of the city’s population.

Almost a fifth of residents do not affiliate themselves with any religion, meaning that funeral directors in Sydney may have experience arranging secular or Humanist funeral services.

Sydney is served by many different cemeteries, both religious and non-denominational. For example, the Catholic community is served by burial grounds such as the Sydney Catholic Garden Cemetery and Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria, to the west of the city. Along the coast are picturesque graveyards such as Randwick General Cemetery and the world-famous Waverley Cemetery.

However, in recent years there has been a notable shortage of burial plots available in and around the city. Therefore it is highly advisable to speak to your funeral director about burial and cremation options as soon as possible.

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