Mick Price (17 Mar 1951 - 12 Apr 2016)

Funeral Service

All Saints Anglican Church 32 Byangum Road Murwillumbah 2484
28th Apr 2016

In loving memory of Mick Price

Late of Burringbar.
Passed away suddenly on Tuesday 12th April 2016.
Aged 65 Years.

Dearly loved Husband of Lorraine.
Loved Father of Rachael, Reece and Nick.
Idolised Granddad of Sonny and Jett.
Favourite Son of Gwen (Mick's words).
Loved Brother of Kevin.
Serial Pest to those he loved dearly.

Family and Friends are warmly invited to attend Mick's
Funeral Service to be held at the All Saints Anglican Church, Murwillumbah.
Thursday 28th April 2016 at 11.00 am.

Feel free to wear your Crocs, Cowboy Hat and Bandana.

Forever in our hearts.
"Pesty Price"

Dale N Karen Mcintosh wrote

Lets have a drink for our friend Mick. Mick was the best horsemen I have had anything to do with. He was kind but hard not just with his horses but in life in general. If you were micks friend he would stand behind you to the end. We Would like to thank mick for the amazing horses we were lucky enough to breed with his horses. To the price family there are no words to say how much he will be missed.

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Sue Howell posted a picture

Mick, Remember at the quarter horse nationals with Rachael won on Charmer and your Slidabar won the yearling futurity, we laughed till we cried. You were so proud of your girl......so proud of all your family. My deepest sympathies to Rachael, Reece Nick and Lorraine

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Dorian Cowen wrote

Dearest Mike

The last thing I wanted to face was having to write these words. It feels very much like we have lost that little boy that emigrated to Australia all those years ago, all over again. I keep re - living the day before you left, seeing you with Grandad Price and feeling the same heartbreak now as I did then. I hope that you are now shoulder to shoulder with your Grandad your Dad and all the Price brothers.
It seems so unfair that you had to leave so suddenly considering all the things you have been through in your life. I'm choosing to believe that you have momentarily stepped from our view and that we will be reunited soon.
In happier times we were reunited when Auntie Deanie and I came for a couple of holidays to Australia. You were then that same little boy with that wonderful smile that lit up any room. Life will never be the same without you. I pray that your Mum may come to terms with your passing, that your beautiful wife Lorraine can find peace and move forward with her life, that your brother will find the strength to watch over all your loved ones in your absence, and that your children Rachael, Reece and Nick can feel the outpouring of love that surrounds them.

God Bless you sweetheart until we meet again
Auntie Dorian xxxxxxx

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Graeme Lansley lit a candle
Doreen Bunn wrote

Mike when your Mum phoned me to say what had happened on that fearful day I was shocked with disbelief and complete sorrow. The pain was so real it crushed my heart. You were so tough, you were the real "Crocodile Dundee" you mastered so many major incidents. How could you bow out of this life in such a sudden way. You fought in Vietnam with the famous Anzac Batallion with Commanding Officer John Church, 12 months in that jungle to earn the freedom for the people. Well darling boy the Australian people who decided your battalion should be in Vietnam need have no doubt, you did the job you had been sent to do, and you did it well. Your Commanding Officer John Church was so proud of you guys he said your battalion was second to none. He was compelled to write a book about the way you guys fought day and night for 12 months in order to get freedom and that you won that freedom.
For his men who he admired so much, there was only one fitting title " second to none" Now I have talked about the man Mike let me talk about the adorable little blonde haired boy who everyone loved here in England. So sweet, so gentle, and so well behaved. When I held your hand each day and walked you to the corner shop you never asked for sweets, you would say " buy me two marbles Deanie will you?" So I always did.
When I came for a visit to Australia I bought you two marbles. You still have them I believe. The other day I was feeling quite sad, I went down the garden to peg out my washing and there by my feet was a marble. I think a squirrel must have brought it that sign made me smile Mike because only you would send a squirrel to give me a sign. Thank you Mike I felt so much better. My gentle little boy, who would have thought that you would turn into this tough - rough - hundred mile an hour Cowboy?
It was great to witness when Dorian and I came over to spend a long holiday with you,. Then so funny when you got two little old ladies coming up to the age of 70 at the time to ride your horses. Your energy was boundless. Mike it rubbed off on us and helped us to continue working until we were 84 years old.
I can almost see you smiling down now from heaven saying " good on ya" my two little Aunties.
What about the time Mike you decided to take us to see the Pacific Ocean. You said I know a short cut. Well looking down Mike I could see the tops of the trees in the rain forest hundreds of feet below. We said Mike this is scary ! You said it's ok girls we've got at least 6" of ground beyond the wheels of the truck. Don't look down! We didn't take a second look that's for sure. Wow! I swear the ground was the same width as the truck. Our Crocodile Dundee fearless, but you kept us safe.
Our irreplaceable - unforgettable - Unique Mike because you had to leave this earth to early. The good Lord " Fast Tracked" you into heaven. He knew you would not want to leave slowly. May the peace of the Lord be with you on that special Price plot mountain top. May the bond of our families love surround you Love Auntie Deanie and the Bunny People Huge Hugs xxxx

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Lisa Tannock wrote

My dearest friend Lorraine , words cannot describe how i am feeling for you at the moment. I have a perfect picture of you in my head the day you walked down the aisle to become MRS Michael Price. The smile on yours and Micks faces said it all. They we was wide as any ocean metaphorically speaking. I know that Mick loved you to the moon and back . You were his life and soul. Reece , Nicholas and Rachael my heart goes out to you all. Glwen only a mother knows the love we have for our children and I feel your pain. Lorraine, I am here to stand beside you , in front of you and behind you. I am here to protect you and hold you in my arms when you feel you cannot take anymore. Cry your eyes out my darling and remember he hasn't left you only the shell is gone.xxxxxxx Mick, or old boy as I always called you spread your wings , sour above us and try not to create as much havoc wherever you are now as you did here( tongue in cheek). I will never forget your cheeky grin or the immense love you had for Lorraine and your family. I promise between Lynnie and I we will take good care of your baby doll xx

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Rachael Price wrote

Dad, nothing makes me more proud to tell everyone I'm your daughter, the times we shared and bond we had was was admired by all my friends. You are my best friend, Sonny's idol and all round one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life. The day you left this world I felt empty but am so happy I spent 35 years of my life with you. I think of you every minute of every day but know you are up in heaven watching over us. I know you'll still be looking after me every step of the way. I only hope I can give my son the life we had growing up with you.
I miss you every day but I hope you're having fun up there and glad you've been reunited with granddad, your passed friends and your trusty steed Slida Bar. I love you and miss you more than words can express you are my hero and always will be. Love your daughter Rachael

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Kelly Bartholomew lit a candle
Kelly Bartholomew wrote

Dear michael,
Thank you for being the most crazy fun energetic and caring person i know. you were one of a kind .even though i havent seen you much lately you will always be dear to my heart as rockets cool dad hàha
Miss u lots of love rappa

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Rachael Price posted a picture

Dad and one of his favourite girls Kelly

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Nikki edwards lit a candle
Nikki edwards wrote

Bigger than life .... Giving the other beach goers a run for their money in your budgie smugglers and cowboy hat always a massive hug and smile from you so glad we ran into you and Lorraine the other day .... Nothing but love mister xxxxx ?

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Matt & Sarah Buggy posted a picture

Having a blast at our Wedding, 'Cant believe Matty finally got a root!' Haha. Good on ya Uncle Mick

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Sue Jack wrote

My big cousin on the other side of the world. No amount of miles could weaken our Family Bond. Both Stu and I are so sad at the news. We are glad we spent time with you on our visit to Australia " Making Memories" rest in peace all our love to Aunty Gwen ,Kevin ,Debra, Lorraine and all the kids xxxxxxxxx

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Sue Jack lit a candle
Jayne Martin posted a picture

The best of times x

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Margaret Price wrote

Our thoughts and prayers are with all your family Michael at this very sad time you are now with all the Price boys God Bless you.

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Jayne Martin lit a candle
Jayne Martin wrote

You will be missed Dude typical of you to go ahead and wait for us guys. Reunited with Pops. Sending your beautiful family love and prayers to help them through this difficult time.
Thanks for taking care of me all those years ago xxxxxx

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Col McQueen posted a picture

The best Horse Kirby has ever owned

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Sue Walter wrote

So sorry to hear, thoughts are with family and friends

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Lara Murray lit a candle
Greg Semple lit a candle
Greg Semple wrote

Mate...you will live long in my thoughts, and in the thoughts of those in your formative years. Deeply saddened that I will not be there to say good bye one last time....but I know for certain your spirit will be with all....loved ya mate

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