Ralph William Baker (29 Jul 1939 - 14 Jul 2020)

Funeral Service

Unity of Melbourne Church 4 Renown St Burwood VIC 3125
18th Jul 2020
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In loving memory of Ralph William Baker who sadly passed away on 14th July 2020

Loved and Loving husband of Mariam.
Adored father & grandfather.
Will be sadly missed.

Family and friends are invited to Celebrate the Life of Ralph William Baker, ONLY VIA LIVE STREAM on SATURDAY July 18, 2020 at 11:00am.

Link for Live Stream Funeral Service for Ralph William Baker.

Ralph Baker 29 July 1939 - 14 July 2020

Ralph Baker, Deadly Earnest, puppeteer and television producer died yesterday.

Ralph Baker was born 29 July 1939 in Melbourne. He started having elocution lessons at the age of twelve and through his early teens he was a contestant at Eistedfods and other functions.

He got involved with amateur theatre and took jobs at GTV-9 then ATV-0 (now ATV-10).

He appeared in sketches in In Melbourne Tonight at GTV-9. As a floor manager at ATV-0 he worked on legendary music shows The Go!! Show, Kommotion and Uptight and read a part for the pilot of The Magic Circle Club.

In 1966 the-then Independent Television System (now Network Ten) began a revival of the TVW-7 Perth horror host Deadly Earnest, introducing B-feature horror films for a late night audience.

Ralph was selected to play the character to his own interpretation, dressing himself in top hat and gloves from the ATV wardrobe department.

Ralph's debut was on Friday 20 October 1967 at 10.30pm, introducing 1955 shocker The Beast with a Million Eyes. Simultaneously he adapted scripts for, then produced the comedy Good Morning Mr Doubleday, and wrote continuity links for the station.

After the film package was exhausted in 1971, Ralph introduced episodes of The Outer Limits for four months and was let go by ATV in May 1973.

He then purchased a cleaning business & then later on Ralph joined Lorrie Gardner and her Gardner Puppet Theatre and later formed his own Pinnacle Puppet Theatre.

The Gardner Puppet Theatre was Ralph's further contribution to the arts for 30 years. At its peak in the 19080's they were performing 500 shows a year. Ralph's contribution inlcuded performing, co-directing, script editing, puppet building...just to name a few things. Ralph was a consummate performer and extremely popular with the kids. Faultless in his delivery his charm, wit, impromptu quips and quick thinking when needed helped him become a stand out in his frield and a great friend. Laurie Gardner was soo very lucky she snapped him up all those years ago!

Ralph continued to make appearances as Deadly Earnest and put on puppet shows, delighting children and those young at heart.

In 2011 Ralph appeared at Horrorpalooza! and was a nominee for the 2020 Horror Host Hall of Fame.

Ralph was diagnosed with myeloma in 2014, succumbing to the disease on Tuesday, 14 July 2020. He was 80 years of age, two weeks short of his 81st birthday.

He is survived by son Davin Baker, daughter Naomi Miller and second wife Mariam and her daughter Melina Macdonald.

- Martin Dunne is Deadly Earnest's biographer and is writing a thesis on the character.

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Russell Devlin wrote

I was a big fan of Deadly Earnest in the 60's & 70's and kept the memory alive for years . In 2012 we attempted to secure Ralph as a guest for "Con 9 From Outer Space" which proved unfeasible, but he graciously consented to be interviewed for a documentry which we screened as a con event, which I conducted. He was a marvellous fellow and I cond\sider myself very priveleged to have met him

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  • Well said Russell. RIP Ralph Baker.

    Posted by Derek on 18/07/2020 Report abuse
  • My condolences. Sending all my love to your family Ralph. Thank you for your humanity. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™

    Posted by Lisa on 18/07/2020 Report abuse
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Simone Baker-Hearne wrote

This week I have been shedding lots of tears and reminiscing as I lost my beloved Uncle Ralph.

A man that I looked up to all my life, loved and worshipped. He was talented, caring, sophisticated, classy, funny, witty and full of wisdom. He was a true gentleman, an entertainer and loved by everyone that met him.

He was an amazing role model and helped to shape many of my dreams and ideals in life.

The world and life will never be the same without him being here. He will be forever missed.

My love and condolences go out to my cousins Davin and Naomi, his beautiful wife Mariam, his step children, his grandchildren, my father (his brother), my sisters (his nieces), his great nephew Jake that has. always adored him and all of his family and friends that are grieving his loss.

I love you Uncle Ralph and will always hold the beautiful memories I have of you close to my heart xoxo

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Henry Gardner wrote

With deep condolences to Mariam, Melina, Davin, Naomi and your families.

Interacting with Ralph was always a great pleasure, with his warmth, generosity and positive nature. I will always miss him but never forget. Thank-you Ralph for your great contributions to the Gardner Puppet Theatre, for your friendship with Lorrie and us Gardners, and for all that you have contributed to our lives.

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Melbourne, March 22, 2017

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  • Rosemary Willians is attending the funeral

    Posted by Rosemary on 17/07/2020 Report abuse
  • Beautiful photo

    Posted by Debbie on 17/07/2020 Report abuse
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Fliss Monckton wrote

I was so sad to hear this news from Mel. Ralph was a sweet man and true gentleman who I had the privilege to meet. Sincere condolences to Mariam, Mel and the rest of the family. My thoughts are with you from across the miles. With much love, Fliss

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Ralph Baker as a teen with his late brother Colin and youngest brother Philip

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  • ❀❀❀

    Posted by Kate on 17/07/2020 Report abuse
  • Rosey Williams attended the very moving funeral of Ralph. A friend of many years ago and recent times. My heart goes out to Mariam, Davin, Naomi and their families and Friends. VALE. DE.

    Posted by Rosemary on 18/07/2020 Report abuse
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Philip Baker wrote

I will always miss you Ralph. You were a great big brother to me. Lots of love from Philip, Bev , Simone, Jenny and Kate.

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  • ❀

    Posted by Kate on 17/07/2020 Report abuse
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Dianne Glenton wrote

Condolences to your beautiful family, I had the pleasure of meeting him several times many years ago through his brother Philip and family And heartfelt sympathies go to all the Baker family x

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